DAY\LIGHT No. 4

    Translucent fibre optics of DAY\LIGHT No. 4 illuminate the room and reflect from specular surfaces of ornamental plates. The different-sized discs with a neo-classical ornament are connected by fibre optics and generate a waisted shape.

    Like all objects of the DAY\LIGHT-series, rooms shine resplendant from the sunlight. Via fibre optics the sunlight is transported from the outside inwards. When the sky is red, DAY\LIGHT No. 4 brings this red into the room.

    The hybrid technology combines sunlight by day with LED at night. This saves not only energy, but creates a unique atmosphere. The dimmer regulates the illuminating power.


    DAY\LIGHT No. 4
    visible fibre optics
    modular system
    daylight or LED-hybrid solution
    ornamented plates: chromed aluminium, planar/convex
    dimensions as pictured:
    Ø plates: 56, 115, 175 cm
    total height: ca. 750 cm
    size variable

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