Calacatta marble, white
    frame stainless steel, brushed

    fibre optics


    Ø 70 cm, depth 6 cm
    weight ca. 50 kg

    in different sizes on request

    on view

    Breitwieser Stein, Tulln

    on request


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    A delicate circle of light stretches across the surface of the white marble of STONE\LIGHT No. 1.
    It seems to float above it like a breath. Light and marble come together in a new way in this light object, creating a special unity and atmosphere.

    The natural power of the stone and its contrasting characteristics, such as hardness and softness in its grace, are emphasised by the respective colour and grain. A white Calacatta marble from Carrara in Italy, shows coloured grains from beige to grey and is very individually drawn.

    The frame of STONE\LIGHT No. 1 underlines the beauty of the marble with the inner circle of light by corresponding in colour with it in stainless steel, copper or brass just like the small cuff.

    This light object creates a subtle light full of delicacy and atmosphere.

    A play of strict symmetry and organic nature

    The soft grains in the marble, whose origin lies in the quarries of Carrara in Tuscany. They cancel out the strict symmetry of the circular light object. Each object is unique and, depending on the section of the slab. It shows its own organic effect, which is due to its formation over 30 million years ago.

    With STONE\LIGHT No. 1, you not only get a delicate light object, but also a piece of nature for the interior. This is powerful and delicate at the same time, just like nature itself.

    Light object for oases in the wellness area, in entrées or kitchens

    STONE\LIGHT No. 1 is particularly suitable for designing walls in the wellness area when arranged – linearly in a row or staggered. They are to create atmosphere and an eye-catcher. Entrées as well as kitchens can also be accentuated to bring a piece of nature into these areas. Which are not susceptible to moisture and are easy to clean at the same time.

    Alternatively, STONE\LIGHT No. 1 can also be used outdoors to bathe covered house walls in atmosphere with light art.

    STONE\LIGHT No. 1 was designed for Breitwieser Stein and is part of the ICONIC OBJECTS series. See STONE\LIGHT No. 1 in emerald quarzite here.

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