• Installation WILD\LIGHT in the RADO Shop Vienna

    Installation WILD\LIGHT

    The light installation WILD\LIGHT, which shows the subtle connection between moss and light and staged the RADO Shop Wien during the Vienna Design Week 2020, is the subject of the reports selected here during the Vienna Design Week.

    Both the magazine uhren & juwelen, the daily medium heute and the online media VIENNA.AT and VOL.AT reported on the light installation with its central element of the illuminated moss ball, which created interesting reflections through a mirror in the centre of the shop.

    The traces of light seem to slowly pour over the surface of the moss ball and make WILD\LIGHT look like a globe whose rivers are illuminated. Transparent fibre optics emit their light over their surface and meander through the raised moss parts. The warm light amidst the sublime green brings a piece of nature into the interior of the shop.

    A game with the viewer

    The mirror placed in the centre of the shop in the middle of the sales counter directly under WILD\LIGHT No. 1 created interesting reflections. Depending on the viewer’s position, it was therefore possible to perceive a wide variety of perspectives in the room through the circular mirror on the sales counter in the centre of the room: from the delicately illuminated moss ball WILD\LIGHT No. 1 to the shop window, the display cabinets or even oneself. This also created playful situations for the viewer while exploring the space.

    Amidst the moss that stretches from the display cased across the presentation areas, WILD\LIGHT was also visible from the outside through the shop window. Wildes Moos and ATARA design had joined forces to show the elements of moss and light artistically combined within the framework of this installation.

    As an annual programme partner of the Vienna Design Week, RADO has added a fascinating installation and was thus continuing its tradition of inviting local designers to design the shop during the Vienna Design Week. The “green” theme of RADO’s annual campaign was aptly implemented using wild moss.

    The installation was on view during the Vienna Design Week 2020:
    Sept. 09th to Oct. 10th, 2020 at the RADO Shop Wien, Kärntner Str. 18, 1010 Vienna.

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