2-ply fabric, gold
    clips cylindrical
    fibre optics

    steel cable


    560 x 320 cm
    weight: 4.5 kg

    in different sizes on request


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    What the press says about it:
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    Light installation LIGHT\TRACE No. 9

    The light installation LIGHT\TRACE No. 9 moves lightly through the room, creating an interplay of lightness and translucence. Transparent fibre optics are laid in loops and inserted between the fine, shimmering gold layers of fabric. The soft folds of the fabric allow the fibre optics to come further forward or backwards, creating an optical depth. Depending on the lighting situation of the surrounding space, the fabric visually dissolves so that only the fibre optics are visible. This ultimately creates a unique, subtle atmosphere.  But the fibre optics also create interesting effects in daylight because the fabric now comes to the fore and the fibre optics, on the other hand, optically recede. This creates fine light reflections on the surface of the golden fabric.

    Textile light

    The fibre optics are individually hand-worked so that they emit their light over the surface at certain points.  They are then drawn into the two-layer fabric and looped to create various optical effects. This creates the graphic impression that looks like luminous characters full of poetry. This installation is light art of the subtle kind embedded in light fabric. The delicacy of the fabric of LIGHT\TRACE No. 9, combined with the subtlety of the light, creates a very exciting, yet unobtrusive element that changes its effect at any time of the day, creating ever new perspectives.

    Interior design with LIGHT\TRACE No. 9

    Private rooms can be designed with LIGHT\TRACE No. 9 just as well as reception areas and lounges in hotels, restaurants or shops. Since rooms can be easily compartmented with LIGHT\TRACE No. 9, new room situations are created again and again. This is done gently and without obscuring the view within the overall space. Suspended on a steel cable, the light installation is quite mobile, so that the fabric can be pushed aside. An electrically guided version, however, is already in development for an easier change of room situations, such as in hotels or restaurants.

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