LIGHT\TRACE No. 10 – Park 85051


    filament yarn
    transparent net
    fibre optics


    11 segments à 2 x 1,5 m
    weigth: à 1,5 kg

    in different sizes on request

    on view

    ATARA design Atelier

    on request


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    The light installation LIGHT\TRACE No. 10 – Park 85051 was designed for the Lichtstrom light art festival in Ingolstadt. Heike Stuckstedde aka ATARA design was invited to create a light installation along a 60-metre wall in Klenzepark Ingolstadt.

    Its delicacy, its softness, its touch of nothingness combined with light, gives the installation LIGHT\TRACE No. 10 – Park 85051 something mystical in the midst of nature and creates a subtle atmosphere.

    For this, fibre optics were drawn into white filament yarn and interwoven in a transparent net. Because the filament yarn holds the fibre optics in the net, they appear to float. The filament yarn has been rubbed to create volume and to better reflect the light. The fibre optics are drawn in arcs through the white, hair-thin threads of the filament yarn, which gives the light a strong depth. Furthermore, light reflections also occur on the wall itself, creating an additional optical depth of the entire installation.

    A play of organic form and symmetry

    The eleven arches of the wall in Klenzepark were each given a segment that is amorphous in shape, so that the installation extends over the entire length of the wall of 60 metres. Thus the strict symmetry of the arches of the wall is cancelled and at the same time created by the separation of the individual segments.
    The organic installation appears like an intervention in nature, but at the same time nature appropriates the installation itself.

    Visitors to the festival perceived mystical light as they entered the park, but could only guess at the size of the installation. From every point of view, the installation had a different effect and thus captivated the viewer until he or she virtually sank into it.

    The light art festival Lichtstrom took place from 14-16 October 2021 and attracted around 45,000 visitors.
    A total of 16 international light artists were invited to create a contribution in the 20-hectare Klenzepark. Leo von Klenze’s 19th century park is located near the centre of Ingolstadt.

    Here, light art was shown with the best technology from RobLight.
    Many thanks to RobLight for their kind support!

    Light art for gardens, parks and public outdoor spaces

    LIGHT\TRACE No. 10 – Park is suitable for designing walls in the garden or spaces in parks, as it creates a subtle atmosphere and brings light to the respective location. This creates accents in the outdoor space, which at the same time integrate well into the greenery of nature due to their organic shape.

    This installation is suitable for private and public gardens as well as parks to please the eye of the beholder with light art.

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