RING\LIGHT No. 1

    The ring-shaped LEDs of RING\LIGHT No. 1 look like eyes on tentacles: the movable arms grow out of a hemisphere and can thus be optimally positioned to illuminate specific areas precisely. This creates a dynamic tension between form, mobility and punctual lighting with a unique atmosphere.

    The matt nickel-plated light object is height-adjustable by means of a pendulum pull. The luminosity is controlled by a dimmer.

    RING\LIGHT No. 1 is a sculptural light object with movable arms and ring lights that attract a high degree of attention and create a space-consuming effect.


    RING\LIGHT No. 1
    ring lights with diffuser
    Gooseneck arms, matt nickel plated
    hemisphere: Ø 40 cm, height 20 cm
    length of the arms 90 cm each
    pendulum pull: approx. 4 m

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