RING\LIGHT No. 1


    ring lights
    gooseneck arms

    matt nickel-plated


    body: Ø 40 cm, height 20 cm
    length of arms 90 cm each
    weight: 6.5 kg

    in different sizes on request

    On view

    Private property, Penthouse R., Vienna


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    Light object RING\LIGHT No. 1

    The ring-shaped LEDs of RING\LIGHT No. 1 look like eyes as a direct extension of the tentacles of a Medusa. The movable arms grow out of a flat hemisphere and can be fixed in any position to directly illuminate certain areas in the room. The matt nickel-plated surface of the entire light object has a restrained effect and therefore fits very well into any room situation. Due to its sculptural character, however, the light object with its movable arms including ring lights generates an equally high degree of attention as well as a room-filling effect.

    All in all, this creates a dynamic tension in the room between form, mobility, materiality and punctual lighting with a unique atmosphere.

    Sea creatures as light sculpture

    RING\LIGHT No. 1 shows the elegance of a Medusa jellyfish gently moving in the sea with its movable arms. The flattened hemisphere serves as a body from which the six arms grow. As they can be fixed in any position, this light object is very individual and, above all, can be changed at any time. The arms can be arranged in an expressive way, for example by directly illuminating each dining area of a table without dazzling. Likewise, RING\LIGHT No. 1 can virtually contract and slim down, with the arms hanging down centred in gentle waves so that the table is well illuminated in the middle. The flexibility with simultaneous staging makes this Medusa a special light sculpture.

    Interior design with RING\LIGHT No. 1

    In private rooms, RING\LIGHT No. 1 creates a fascinating eye-catcher, especially as its arms can hang down in gentle waves or be expressively tilted outwards. This is particularly suitable for positioning above the dining table, whose individual places can thus be illuminated individually. Reception areas and lounges in hotels, restaurants or shops can also be designed with the sculptural light object. RING\LIGHT No. 1 can also be easily installed in arrangements or above seating areas with tables of different heights. This is done in a spectacular and at the same time unobtrusive way and without losing the view within the overall space.

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