WILD\LIGHT No. 2


    cushion moss
    polystrene ball
    fibre optics


    calotte: satinised brass
    steel cable


    Ø 60 cm
    weight: 1.3 kg

    in different sizes on request

    On view

    ATARA Atelier

    on request


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    A strong beam of light pours over this spherical light object, which is covered with real moss. WILD\LIGHT No. 2 appears like the green planet around which the light beam spirals. The warm but focused light amidst the sublime green of this light object brings a piece of true nature into the interior. The structure of the cushion moss is very fine and therefore appears very delicate. The strong beam of light therefore creates a moment of tension in contrast. The transparent fibre optics emit their light over their surface and rest on the raised moss sections. The different shades of green fascinate and soothe the eye, creating a completely natural landscape on the moss sphere.

    Real nature in the interior

    Light and nature combine in a wonderful way in WILD\LIGHT No. 2: the light beam encompasses the sphere covered with real moss in a three-quarter circle. Interesting light reflections are created by the fibre optics, which lie through onto the fine cushion moss and subtly radiate their light. The inhomogeneity of the light emission creates a deliberate optical tension so that the viewer is immersed in the green atmosphere permeated by light.

    The creators of the installation

    Wild Moss and ATARA design have joined forces to show the elements of moss and light artistically combined, thus creating light art with natural material. 

    Interior design with WILD\LIGHT No. 2

    In private rooms, WILD\LIGHT No. 2 creates a fascinating eye-catcher that brings real green into the interior. Reception areas and lounges in hotels, restaurants or shops can also be designed with this luminous moss ball. Entire installations for rooms that thematise nature in this way are visually easy to set up. This is done in a subtle way and without losing the view within the overall space.

    The installation WILD\LIGHT successfully expressed this with WILD\LIGHT No. 1 at the Vienna Design Week 2020.

    WILD\LIGHT No. 2 is made of real moss and therefore remains permanently green and requires no maintenance.

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