merino wool, beige
    mineral wool
    base MDF,
    black lacquered

    fibre optics

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    Like branches, the delicate lines of light magically grow from the base of ACOUSTIC\LIGHT No. 1 over the surface of the leaf-like textured textile. This creates a unique, indirect light source in the room and an acoustically pleasant atmosphere.

    The natural merino wool has sound-absorbing properties by nature. These are reinforced by the leaf-like structure of the fabric, which is stretched over an aluminium frame and contains an insulating material. The fibre optics are placed and fixed by hand in the spaces between the fabric and delicately emit their light across the surface at various points. A certain inhomogeneity is created, which makes ACOUSTIC\LIGHT No. 1 fascinating in that the eye can follow the light lines and lose itself in them.

    Variations in the guidance of the fibre optics are just as possible as the number of visible sides, the colour of the woollen fabric, the material of the base and the size of the object. Each ACOUSTIC\LIGHT No. 1 is therefore unique and can be designed according to your wishes.

    This light object creates a subtle light full of delicacy and pleasant atmosphere for eyes and ears.

    Woven in Italy, the deep structure of the merino wool fabric makes it a three-dimensional textile with high sound absorption and aesthetics that combine matt and shiny, hard and soft as dual qualities. The surface invites you to touch it and enjoy the softness of the material. The softness of the object is supported by the rounded corners of the geometric frame.

    An object of geometry and organics

    In combination with light, ACOUSTIC\LIGHT No. 1 becomes a calming element in the room, on the one hand through its indirect illumination of the organic structure, and on the other hand through its acoustic properties.

    With ACOUSTIC\LIGHT No. 1, you get a delicate light object that also brings a piece of nature into the interior through its impression and its material.

    ACOUSTIC\LIGHT No. 1 is perfect for calming rooms visually and acoustically. It can be positioned freely in the room, either individually or in an arrangement – according to the sound movement – opposite or offset. This creates the desired atmosphere as well as an eye-catcher. ACOUSTIC\LIGHT No. 1 can also be designed as a screen with several elements or as a wall panel to make use of its absorbing properties.

    Light object for living rooms and offices

    Let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere of ACOUSTIC\LIGHT No. 1.

    ACOUSTIC\LIGHT No. 1 was created especially for Lavisio.

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