A fragmented corpus composed of ceramic plates and pierced by a prism of light is MATERIAL FORCE. This object was created for RADO as part of the Star PRIZE 2019 in Vienna by ATARA design in cooperation with Studio Jürgen Steineder.

    The media VIENNA.AT, VOL.AT and KAT (Kreativwirtschaft Austria = Creative Industries Austria) report on the two artists, who met during a creative coaching session. A cooperation that has certainly brought success.

    Boundaries of matter

    When light and ceramics meet, it brings matter optically to its limits. The optical limit of matter is made visible in the fragmented corpus of ceramic by being pierced by the luminous prism. A strong contrast between the filigree prism of light conductors and the compact body of the object with its porous surface of ceramic, creates a high tension between light and matter

    The tension is intensified by the energy of the light penetrating the ceramic and shining through from the inside to the outside. This clearly contours the individual fragments of which the object is composed.

    The individually hand-cast plates, each with an individual shape and size, were joined together to form this corpus. The surface is special, with its velvety quality inspired by the high-tech ceramics of RADO watches. In this object, fibre optics not only create a strong optical tension by penetrating the corpus, but also an interesting effect through the reflection in the black base plate of the showcase.

    The clash of material forces, the penetration of the light beam and the apparent blowing up of the shop’s display case are decisive for the choice of the RADO watch company to select this object. As “Master of Material”, RADO regularly seeks out local designers for the competition in order to illuminate the topic of material from the most diverse perspectives. With this object, light is added as matter for the first time and the framework of the showcases is also broken.

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