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    ATARA light design

    It is obvious that ATARA light objects speak a special language. These objects seem to speak to the viewer. In the article written by Alexander Peer for the art magazine stayinart, Heike Stuckstedde’s light objects reveal themselves through their language of light.

    Materials, lightness, translucency – these are the characteristics that express this language. Here, the focus is on the special features, such as handmade paper, which with its 25 g per square metre brings with it a lightness in itself, but which makes the processing with the light conductors layered inside it a complex act. The paper, made from the bark of mulberry trees, creates a softness and fineness that is then reflected in the scattering of light in the finished light object.

    Material and light

    Material science is the basis of the artist, who also loves to transform it. Light objects such as LIGHT\TRACE No. 7, which seem to dissolve optically as the ambient light decreases, astonish the viewer. The play with physical phenomena is a fascinating one. Life is breathed into the rooms by means of the sculptural, expansive objects, because the need for light is an essential one.

    Regarding the technical part of the ATARA light objects, it is explained that sunlight is guided into the interior of a room by means of a suntracker. This light is then led directly via fibre optics into the heart of the light objects and lets the individually designed light objects shine. No heat is generated or conducted in this process, because the fibre optics only conduct the light.

    The fact that sunlight technology saves around 50 % energy is a major factor in its use at ATARA design. In addition, the perception of what is taking place in the sky outside can thus also be felt inside. This means that passing clouds or the change in the light situation as well as the change in the colour of the light are definitely visible – they cause goose bumps because you are positively touched. And all this is conveyed by the ATARA light objects.

    Heike Stuckstedde also reports on the atmosphere that is created when spaces are filled with a touch of nothingness, volumes are created that are barely visible, materials are taken to their limits to create draperies that demand something of him. What remains is a lightness in the ATARA light objects that is unparalleled.

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