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    ATARA design was founded in 2015 by Heike Stuckstedde. As an artist, designer, interior designer and art historian, she combines art, architecture and design in her projects. Here, the focus is on the theme of light art. Creating a poetry of light with subtlety is the challenge of each object and installation. Because the desire to work with spaces and, above all, to breathe atmosphere into them, is the greatest motivation of the German artist and designer, who lives and works in Vienna.

    Heike Stuckstedde particularly likes to draw her inspiration from her travels through distant countries. Transformation is a central theme here, because combining different techniques and materials from different areas and cultures and placing them in a new context particularly fascinates the owner of ATARA design.


    ATARA design and its partners

    A team of different specialists completes the realisation of projects conceived by ATARA design.

    Metal and luminaire manufacturers construct the substructures and frames of the ATARA light objects so that they achieve the desired lightness. One of the partners is Niefergall Leuchtenmanufaktur. The quality of the workmanship is paramount. Above all, the ideas of the creations of ATARA design with all the demands on the materials, forms and conditions in the room should be well implemented.

    Numerous ATARA lighting objects are always on display in the showroom Schottenring 31. Here, architects, designers and private customers can be shown the subtlety and diversity of forms, materials and possibilities for designing rooms. At the same time, ATARA lighting objects are a good addition to the range of surfaces and materials.

    With wildesmoos, light objects and light installations are implemented together to combine nature and light in a wonderful way, as this brings greenery and atmosphere into the interior.

    ATARA design has a special relationship with AKEMI – Rethinking Light, because they work together to create special light objects and, above all, transform manufacturing processes. A lab, so to speak, for completely rethinking light, which ATARA designs.

    ATARA light objects are now also presented at ART AUREA. The platform for art, design and sustainability impresses with its aesthetics in all sectors and also publishes a magazine every quarter.

    ATARA lighting objects are also present on An Architectural Life to provide inspiration for architects and design lovers for special architectural projects internationally as well as at Munich Architecture and to complement them with lighting atmosphere.



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