LIGHT\SPOT No. 1


    metal coated plastic fabric,
    fibre optics


    satin stainless steel


    length 90 cm, width 60 cm
    weight: 4.2 kg

    in different sizes on request

    On view

    ATARA design studio

    on request


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    German Design Award Nominee 2018

    The transparent fibre optics of LIGHT\SPOT No. 1, radially drawn into a metal-coated fabric, gently emit light into the room. Depending on the observer’s point of view, the colour and depth effect of the light panel change due to its irregular folds and the two-tone colour of the fabric. 

    Light with folds

    The fabric of LIGHT\SPOT No. 1, which is platinum on the front and black on the back, creates a three-dimensional effect thanks to the hand-created folds. This is enhanced by the fact that light emerges from fine points of light at their ends as if by chance. The light scattered and reflected at these points in the fabric creates a sparkle like little stars. This creates a tension between the angular folds, which are arranged at different angles to each other, and the radially guided fibre optics that simply cross these folds on the back.

    The perspective-induced change in depth is reinforced by the inclination of the frame, which is supported by the cylindrical base. As a panel, LIGHT\SPOT No. 1 gets its typical character from the brushed frame in which the fabric is clamped.

    LIGHT\SPOT No. 1 was exhibited in Vienna in the exhibition curated by Ofroom on the theme of “Architecture and Glass” during the architect at work trade fair from 12-13.10.2016.

    Interior design with LIGHT\ SPOT No. 1

    In private rooms, LIGHT\SPOT No. 1 can be placed as an indirectly illuminating light object both on a low board and on the floor, for example next to the sofa. Reception areas and lounges in hotels, restaurants or shops can also be designed with this lighting object. Also arranged in groups in different sizes or as pendants, interesting installations with a unique atmosphere are created.

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