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    Rado Star Prize 2019


    The object MATERIAL FORCE reflects the power of matter and light. A fragmented corpus of ceramic is pierced by a luminous prism and seems to burst the glass cube. The body seems to be lifted off by the force of the penetrating light prism, as it floats in the cube while also penetrating this wall. The inspiration for this object with its strong visual tension was above all the high-tech ceramics used by RADO with their metallic sheen in the light.

    Ceramic plates and fibre optics

    The body of the MATERIAL FORCE object is made up of small plates in trapezoidal and triangular shapes, each cast by hand in a stencil. No two plates are alike in shape and structure. What is particularly interesting here is the surface texture, which is irregular and individual due to its indentations, but at the same time achieves a velvety effect. The anthracite-grey colour lends depth to the corpus, which makes the optical contrast with the luminous prism of fibre optics very strong.

    The tension created is noticeable through the eight clear lines of light that form the prism and pierce the corpus at an angle of 45 degrees.  A reflections on the shiny black floor seem to refract the light and continue in different directions. This is why the visual tension is multiplied once again. Depending on the angle of view, this creates ever new perspectives that make up the strong fascination of MATERIAL FORCE.

    The creators of the object

    Together with Studio Jürgen Steineder, the object MATERIAL FORCE was conceived and realised for the RADO Shop at Kärntner Straße 18 in Vienna. It was exhibited here from 16 to 31 July 2019 as part of the RADO Star Prize 2019.

    MATERIAL FORCE in space

    As a solitaire, the light object fitted into the glass cube moves at the interface with the light sculpture.  In private rooms, it creates just as much excitement as in the reception area or a lounge of hotels or in a restaurant, as it emits light and generates a lot of attention.  This allows this form of light art to be staged in coordination with the interior and the surrounding lighting situation.

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