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    You are the brand

    In this podcast Alexandra Palkovits from You are the brand interviews the founder of ATARA design. Heike Stuckstedde talks about her design studio ATARA design, her vision for founding it and what makes her brand special. How ATARA light objects are illuminated with sunlight technology and how this actually works technically is reported on, as well as the strategy for marketing these objects. In addition, one hears about the brand values of ATARA design and how outsiders perceive this brand. Since Heike Stuckstedde personally embodies her brand, it is especially important for her to be authentic.

    The creative in itself as well as the sculptural of the ATARA light objects is illuminated in this interview, especially since they are designed to take up space and are created from fibre optics. As a result, the creations are always at the interface between art, design and architecture. These are the two areas that Heike Stuckstedde brings with her from her studies in art history and interior design.

    Female artist and entrepreneur

    The founder of ATARA design talks about how much courage and stamina it takes to build up a company and overcome all the hurdles, as well as about her desire to be able to shape her professional life on her own responsibility. In addition, she has a passion for what she does and the courage to change, to keep questioning what she is doing in order to reflect and take the right path. Self-care and resilience are also important to Heike Stuckstedde in order to be able to build and run a healthy business.

    Likewise, one learns how customer acquisition happens via a marketing mix and how a stringency is achieved for the entire external appearance. This creates trust in the brand because the visual language and personal appearance coincide. Referrals and personal contacts are of course the be-all and end-all for the enterprising entrepreneur as well as her presence in the public eye.

    Heike Stuckstedde continues to develop as an entrepreneur through seminars, literature and personal exchange with other entrepreneurs in order to gain different perspectives. For her, meditation is a cornerstone for centring and relaxing, finding solutions and staying calm.

    Finally, the questions about happiness, renunciation, best decisions, the filming of one’s own life, the favourite quote, the most inspiring book as well as a possible message to the world give a very personal insight into the life of the artist and founder of ATARA design.

    >> You are the brand: Heike Stuckstedde/ATARA design, My customers don’t buy the product, they buy me as a brand
    Podcast #36, 09/2019 >> listen to podcast



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