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    ATARA Lichtobjekte

    The magazine a3 BAU reports on the special features of ATARA lighting objects in terms of materials, technology and atmosphere. The author Alexander Peer describes the materials of the individual light objects in detail, what makes them special and where their limits are. The basic characteristics of the light objects and the artistic play with lightness and translucency are emphasised.

    The diversity of the light objects is based on the fact that the light art of the ATARA light objects originates from the creative, intellectual repertoire of the interior designer, artist and art historian Heike Stuckstedde. This ultimately stages the rooms so that they can be bathed in atmosphere with light and thus make the architecture visible in the first place. This represents the uniqueness of the ATARA light objects. 

    Sunlight and technology

    From a purely technical point of view, sunlight is directed into the interior of a room by means of a suntracker. This light is then led directly via fibre optics into the heart of the light objects and allows the individually designed light objects to shine. No heat is generated or conducted in this process, because the fibre optics only conduct the light.

    The fact that sunlight technology saves around 50 % energy is a major factor in its use at ATARA design. In addition, the perception of what is taking place in the sky outside can thus also be felt inside. This means that passing clouds or the change in the light situation as well as the change in the colour of the light are definitely visible – they cause goose bumps because you are positively touched. And all this is conveyed by the ATARA light objects.

    The fact that light architecture creates spaces with light generates curiosity, also in relation to all these possibilities. Heike Stuckstedde talks about this atmosphere that is created when spaces are filled with a touch of nothingness, creating volumes that are barely visible, taking materials to their limits to create draperies that demand something of him. What remains is a lightness in the ATARA light objects that is unparalleled. Life is breathed into the rooms by means of the sculptural, expansive objects, because the need for light is an archaic one.

    No. 5/2019
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