metal coated plastic fabric, bicolour
    fibre optics


    aluminium base,
    black lacquered


    70 cm, Ø 30 cm
    weight: 2.3 kg

    in different sizes on request

    On view

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    1010 Vienna

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    Light flows symmetrically in gentle waves over the cylindrical body of LIGHT\TRACE No. 7, creating fine traces of light. Subtly, the transparent fibre optics, drawn into a two-coloured fabric, emit their light into the room. As the light in the surrounding space diminishes, the cylinder seemingly dissolves so that only the curved lines of light are recognisable.

    Between reflection and absorption

    The cylinder of LIGHT\TRACE No. 7 is the support for the fibre optics that emit their light over its surface and are located precisely in the space between reflection and absorption because the fabric is two-coloured. The metal coating in platinum gives the inside of the light object apparent coolness and reflects the light, but on the outside it is deep black so that it becomes invisible in dark surroundings and absorbs the light. Looking into the light object from above reveals very interesting perspectives that achieve very different effects in making the space in between visible, depending on the angle. The black lacquered base of the cylinder, from which the fibre optics grow at the edge, is cambered so that it blends harmoniously and softly into the surrounding fabric and delicate construction. The interplay of lightness and optical resolution determines the lighting effect of this object.

    LIGHT\TRACE No. 7 was presented in the curated exhibition “Austrian Design Compositions” 2017 in Ljubljana, Eindhoven and Berlin as well as in the solo exhibition “The language of light” in Krems in Lower Austria.

    Interior design with LIGHT\TRACE No. 7

    In private rooms, LIGHT\TRACE No. 7 can be placed as an indirectly illuminating light object on a low board, table or on the floor, for example next to the sofa. In a higher version, it is designed as a standing object and creates interesting visual effects. Reception areas and lounges in hotels, restaurants or shops can also be designed with this light object. Also arranged in groups or as pendants, interesting installations with a unique atmosphere are created.

    Many thanks to Ofroom and Sefar for their kind support!

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