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    The Language of Light

    An installation of circular light objects that both occupy and divide the square space is presented as the central element in the solo exhibition entitled “The Language of Light” at the Göttlicher Gallery in Krems, Lower Austria.

    Light poetry in a circle

    The two light objects LIGHT\TRACE No. 8 with the fine, translucent fabric subtly emit their light into the room via the fibre optics woven into the draped fabric. The soft and at the same time stiff material of the light objects contrasts with the strictly geometrical forms of the objects and thus creates a tension in itself. The light can be seen through, but the two objects are present in the room. With additional illumination, a moiré effect appears, which also changes and moves with the movement of the viewer.

    Communicating light objects

    The two light objects communicate with the room, which is very strong on its own due to its square floor plan and Gothic groined vault. Placed at different angles of 90 and 180 degrees in the room, the two light objects acquire a strong presence in the space. As the light sources of the two light objects are programmed to show different light intensities at different intervals, they also communicate with each other. The light objects thus seem to communicate with the room as well as with each other. A unique atmosphere is created, based on the delicacy of the light objects as well as a dynamic tension between the two light objects, which conveys the clear but also subtle language of light.

    The light objects LIGHT\TRACE No. 1 and LIGHT\TRACE No. 7 are shown as complementary light objects. LIGHT\TRACE No. 1 is made of fine, handmade straw silk in which the fibre optics are embedded. The surface is partially covered with palladium, which creates an optical depth. LIGHT\TRACE No. 7, on the other hand, is a cylinder made of metal-coated plastic fabric in bicolour, whose shape dissolves in low ambient light so that only the fibre optics threaded into waves are visible. Due to their solitary effect, these light objects complete the pair of LIGHT\TRACE No. 8 in the room.

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