An installation of circular light objects that occupy and at the same time divide the square space was presented in the solo exhibition entitled “The Language of Light” at the Gallery Göttlicher in Krems, Lower Austria.

    The two light objects LIGHT\TRACE No. 8 with the fine, translucent fabric subtly emit their light into the room via the fibre optics woven into the draped fabric. The soft and at the same time stiff material of the light objects contrasts with the strictly geometric shapes of the objects, thus creating a tension within itself.

    The light sources are programmed to show different light intensities at different intervals. Thus, the light objects seem to communicate with the room and with each other. This creates a unique atmosphere and a dynamic tension between the light objects, conveying the clear but subtle language of light.

    Complementary light objects: LIGHT\TRACE No. 1 made of fine, handmade paper, partially covered with palladium and LIGHT\TRACE No. 7 made of metal-coated plastic fabric bicolor.


    LIGHT\TRACE No. 8 – pair
    fiber optics woven in
    translucent fabric
    height 195 cm, Ø 170 cm
    variable size

    „The Language of Light“ 11/17 – 12/22/2018
    Gallery Göttlicher
    3500 Krems, Lower Austria

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