translucent fabric
    fibre optics

    stainless steel


    height 195 cm, Ø 170 cm
    weight: 8.8 kg

    in different sizes on request

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    ATARA design studio

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    The light object LIGHT\TRACE No. 8 with its fine, translucent fabric subtly emits its light into the room via interwoven fibre optics. The soft material of the light object contrasts with the strictly geometrical form of the object and thus creates a strong tension within itself.

    Light poetry in a circular form

    The two light objects LIGHT\TRACE No. 8 with the fine, translucent fabric subtly emit their light into the room via the fibre optics woven into the draped fabric. The soft and at the same time stiff material of the light objects contrasts with the strictly geometrical forms of the objects and thus creates a tension in itself. It is possible to see through the light fabric, but the two objects are still very present in the room. With additional illumination, a moiré effect appears on the draped surface, which also changes and moves with the movement of the viewer. This creates a unique atmosphere as well as a dynamic tension due to the constantly changing surface effect, depending on the viewing angle.

    Communicating light objects

    As a pair, the two light objects communicate with each other in that the light sources are programmed to show different light intensities at different intervals. A unique atmosphere is created, based on the delicacy of the light objects as well as a dynamic tension between the two light objects, which conveys the clear but also subtle language of light.

    As part of a room installation that both occupy and divide the square space, LIGHT\TRACE No. 8 was presented in the solo exhibition “The Language of Light” by Heike Stuckstedde / ATARA at the Gallery Göttlicher in Krems (Lower Austria) from 17.11. – 22.12.2018.

    Interior design with LIGHT\TRACE No. 8

    In private rooms, LIGHT\TRACE No. 8 can be used to create a fascinating eye-catcher to compartmentalise the space without taking away the view. Reception areas and lounges in hotels, restaurants or accents in shops can also be designed with this light object. Entire installations to create small spaces with subtle lighting effects are visually easy to set up. Because this is always done in a subtle way, the view within the overall space is always maintained. Arranged in groups, also in different sizes, an extraordinary atmosphere is created.

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