handmade paper
    fibre optics


    Variants: fibre optics curved or linear, other colours, gold leaf


    280 x 140 cm
    weight: 1.7 kg

    in different sizes/shapes on request

    On view

    Schottenring 31, 1010 Vienna

    Mon-Fri 1 – 6 pm and on request


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    In the delicate light installation LIGHT\TRACE No. 1, fibre optics are embedded in white, handmade paper and gently trace their light over the entire surface. The transparent, fine fibre optics subtly emit their light and the viewer’s gaze is lost in the superimposed fibre optics. Which both diffuse their light and draw it very clearly. This counterplay creates optical depth and ever new impressions.

    Poetry of light

    The individually partially processed fibre optics are inserted into multi-layered paper so that they emit their light inhomogeneously over the surface. The paper, made from the bark of the mulberry tree, is so fine that individual fibres are easily recognisable. A translucency and soft feel characterise the paper. The depth of the installation is created on the one hand by the scattering of light between the individual layers of paper. On the other hand by the coating of the surface with palladium.

    The precious metal additionally creates small light reflections even when unlit during the day.  Therefore, the light installation is also clearly visible in daylight without being obtrusive. Because the fibre optics leave their contours in relief in the fineness of the handmade paper, an equally interesting surface texture is also created. The interplay of all these factors gives the light installation LIGHT\TRACE No. 1 its poetic effect.

    LIGHT\TRACE No. 1 was presented in the solo exhibition “The Language of Light” by Heike Stuckstedde / ATARA at the Göttlicher Gallery in Krems (Lower Austria) from 17.11. – 22.12.2018.

    Interior design with LIGHT\TRACE No. 1

    In private rooms, LIGHT\TRACE No. 1 can be used as an indirectly illuminating lighting element in the room, both on the wall and on the ceiling. Reception areas and lounges in hotels, restaurants or accents in shops can also be designed with this lighting object. When used in niches, particularly beautiful light reflections are created in the shadow gap by the fibre optics, some of which are led over the edge. When spanning an entire ceiling with the strong depth effect of the superimposed fibre optics, an extraordinary atmosphere is created.

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